Service Oriented Intelligent Value Adding Network for Clothing-SMEs embarking in Mass-Customisation

In the next few years the small-scale success stories of the early adaptors can and should be used as the foundation for the implementation of Mass Customisation in Fashion throughout Europe on a wide and large scale. SERVIVE aims to be the launching platform enabling large-scale implementation of Mass Customisation in the European Fashion Domain.By bringing together all the key players of the garment production process (designers, industry, customers), SERVIVE aims at the mass customization and personalization of the process. The core of the system is a component that models the preferences and characteristics of the customer (e.g. biometrics, age, etc.), based on a generic personalization server (PServer) that is provided by NCSR "Demokritos". Personalization uses customer types, which evolve over time, through the analysis of data collected from the users.